49.51 Acres Of Land, Thornton Rust

Sold Subject To Conditions
Guide Price £220,000

LOT 1 – Guide Price: £100,000 SOLD
11.43 Acres & Barn (Edged Red)
(Part NYK 463363)
The Land briefly comprises a sound block of agricultural land which is situated to the south of Brookside and barn, both which are available for purchase separately.

LOT 2 – Guide Price: £50,000 SOLD
9.81 Acres and Barn (Edged Blue)
This land is situated south west of Lot 1 and is accessed again via Back Lane. It is lies 330 metres above sea level but nevertheless does provide good level grazing with both fields being in permanent pasture.

LOT 3 – Guide Price: £25,000 SOLD
2.42 Acres and Derelict Barn (Edged Green)
This land is again situated close to Thornton Rust, but is located on the north side of the village. It is known locally as “Blake Hill Field” and comprises a compact parcel of permanent pasture with well walled boundaries.

LOT 4 – Guide Price: £45,000
25.85 Acres of Allotment (Edged Orange)
This land is situated in a remote location to the west of Thornton Rust, with access via Carpley Green and Cubeck.


  • Strategically Placed Land
  • LOT 1- 11.43 Acres Of Grassland
  • LOT 2- 9.81 Acres & Barn
  • LOT 3- 2.42 Acres & Barn
  • LOT 4- 25.85 Acres Of Allotment Land
  • Joint Selling Agent Ernie Sherwin Ltd


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